Modern Bride

The Modern Bride fine jewelry collection embodies a broad range of style and value. The challenge was to not only redesign all logos in time for the brand relaunch, but to make them distinct in what they stand for, and yet still have them feel like they all belong together. Signature Collection showcases sophisticated, designer styles. Opulent Diamond is for the technical bride looking for the most brilliant cut. Design Your Dream Ring allows you to do just that — designing your perfect engagement ring in three easy steps. I Said Yes! is the most value driven collection that comes with a blue sapphire hidden inside each ring. See more of the brand here.


Alba Dahlia Floral

Rachel Ciastko is more than a florist — she is a creator. Her floral arrangements and installations are breathtakingly beautiful and refreshing. Like every flower, each of her designs are unique and has her one-of-a-kind touch. I wanted to show that through her logo; something a little different and more organic. Delicate, yet bold. Hand-lettering seemed to lend itself to her aesthetic and after some exploration, we landed on a striking gold logo for her growing business. See more of the brand here.



Duckman Service

A new family-owned pool maintenance company was in town and needed help with some branding. Most competitors were already angled at being extremely knowledgable and boasted being the most efficient. Duckman Service wanted their brand to also be approachable with top notch customer service. Plans were also in place to build upon the pool business and go into landscaping. Therefore, the logos also had to be flexible enough to make room for that potential growth. 


Bijoux Bar

Logo redesign for JCPenney’s accessory line. The collection focuses on hot trends in several statement pieces. 


Spark of Change

Fashion stylist, Lisa Slusher had a crazy talent for creating hand-made jewelry. Her main priority was spreading good vibes and great intentions. Wee Spark was a subsidiary kids line.